Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Journey to China

"Where you go, I'll go,
where you stay, I'll stay.
Your people will become my people
and your god my God."
R U T H  1 : 1 6

This is us, Ludwig & Maree Worrall-Bader. We've been best of friends for almost ten years, a period of time that can be divided (almost into equal partitions) of friendship, dating and marriage. Lud is a primary school teacher and Maree an illustrator / graphic designer, but in China we are both English teachers.

The decision to move to China has been a long time coming. Growing up I listened to many stories of my parents and their parents going on adventures. In fact we moved to New Zealand from England when I was younger. Not just this but we have benefited from the hugely positive influences of Amber and Dale Hart leading us to make something of the time that we have here on this Earth. 

Now we live in China, it hasn't been the smoothest trip here but we have been blessed with so many new friends that have really helped to ease the transition. 

So now, for the time being this is our home - and we invite you to share in some of our adventures.

- Lud


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